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  • Introduction of Daesung
    • CEO
      • CEO Message
      • CEO Profile
    • Corporate Philosophy
    • History
      • History
      • Daesung's 60 years
      • President Kim Soo-keon
    • Affiliated Company
      • Organization
      • Daesung Industrial
      • Daesung Measuring
      • Cambridge Filter Korea
      • Daesung C&S
      • Daesung NACHI
      • R&D
    • Direction
  • Products&Service
    • Energy&Overseas Resources Development
      • Petroleum and LP gas
      • Heat Absorption Generating
      • Overseas oil field development
    • Fundamental Materials
      • Industrial Gases
      • Air filters
      • Detergents
    • Machinery & Electronics
      • Geared Motors, etc.
      • Gas meters
      • Computer System
      • Hydraulic valves
      • Home gas boilers
    • Construction, etc.
      • Construction
      • Environment
    • Leisure and Food Distribution
      • Leisure
      • Food Distribution
    • Telecommunication
  • IR Center
    • Management Information
      • Financial Statement
      • Business Showings
    • Credit Ratings


  • Ethics Management
  • Social Contribution
  • Customer Center
    • Affiliates Hotline
SKYREX High nobility space e-BROCHURE
SERVICE&PRODUCT, Daesung Group is doing its best to develop energy resources and provide the nation width energy for living. Daesung will bring happiness into their lives.


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Daesung Information Systems.

In this dynamic change of business and IT environments. Daesung Information System Inc, assumes the responsibility of information-oriented advancement of Daesung Group by developing and managing various applications including ERP(Enterprise Resources Planning) in each enterprise field, B2B, B2C, groupware, 6-sigma management system, Internal control system, homepage, cyber training center, etc.

Developtment and management of ERP,MIS and HR/Payroll systems for Daesung Group's affiliates

Finance and accounting system (NAIS)
Manufacturing MIS in precision instrument area (Precision 21)
Electronic Bidding System for Construction Engineering
Distribution ERP system (OASIS21)
Development and management of systems for more than 10 affiliates, including e-HR system (web)

Renewal planning and development of Daesung Group's homepage

Renewal of Daesung Group ' s image to be younger and more sophisticated Stable implementation in the basis of .Net

Management of an online training site, Thinkmore

A training site, which implements a place for continuing education by providing verified contents with the awareness of the necessity and the importance of new education service in the information age, and which provides an opportunity for open education by suggesting a new vision of management innovation


Development of Daesung Group ' s groupware system (Nleader)Migration to .Net-based groupware

6 Sigma PMS

Development of Daesung Industrial ' s 6 sigma PMS system Support for the connection with groupware Consisting of task management, task search, status/statistics, and community system

Payroll outsourcing system

Development of payroll outsourcing system Support for outsourcing of HR management, payroll management, retirement management, taxation management, social insurance and year-end accounts

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