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Fundamental Materials  | Industrial and home detergents

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Industrial and home detergents

Our company manufactures and supplies high-quality environment-friendly products to the industrial laundry field, kitchen hygiene field, building and surface hygiene field and food and beverages field, by making substantial investments in the research and development field and conducting thorough and honest quality inspection from the phase of the warehousing raw materials. Our professional A/S team satisfies customers by being capable of solving problems quickly and swiftly. Moreover, as a dominant leader in supplying home detergents used exclusively for dish washers and drum washing machines in Korea, we directly import and sell about 30 items required for home hygiene including kitchen detergents and Persil which is a laundry detergent used exclusively for drum washing machines, from Henkel KGaA in Germany.

Products of Daesung C&S Co., Ltd.

In order to satisfy customers with quality products and services, Daesung C& S Co. , Ltd. has been developing products and systems fitted into characteristics of customers, from the initial design phase with concrete goals of development. This management system is able to reduce the environmental pollution due to the excessive use of detergents by users, so that it can minimize detergents' negative effects on the environment.

Moreover, by concluding the contract for sole agency with Henkel KGaA in Germany , the world-best company in product quality and technology, Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. is providing our home with high-quality kitchen detergents, washing detergents and body-care products. Our company also concluded the contract for sole agency with MAPA Spontex in France, the best European company for kitchen and bathroom supplies, so that the quality of consumers' lives can be improved with the best-quality kitchen scrubbers and the new bath sponges.

Home Detergents and Practical Cosmetics

By concluding the contract for the sole agency with Henkel in Germany, the world-best detergent company which has satisfied customers with its quality products, we are providing customers with over 30 products including home washing detergents, kitchen detergents, bathroom detergents, furniture brighteners, multi-purpose detergents and deodorants, through discount markets, department stores, appliance companies and home shopping malls.

Kitchen Scrubbers and Bath Sponges

As the best-known company in Europe for kitchen and bathroom supplies, France-based MAPA Spontex is manufacturing and selling home and industrial products such as sponges, gloves and floor-cleaning tools, and is a multinational corporation which has 14 factories and 20 branches in three different continents. Currently our company is in the contract for sole agency with MAPA Spontex, and accordingly we sell two brands of Spontex Scouring and Calypso Bodycare. The Spontex Scouring is known as the best quality scrubber in its water-friendly and ergonomic characteristics, as it facilitates household chores pleasantly and conveniently. Also, Calypso Bodycare is functionally divided into sub categories so that it can provide the superior satisfaction to typical body scrubbers or foam scrubbers.

Spontex Scouring Calypso Bodycare

Industrial Detergents
Industrial Detergent Field
Industrial Detergent Field

Our company sells the most efficient products in all washing stages, including main detergent, subsidiary detergent, sterilizer, bleach and rinse for each purpose, used by commercial laundries, hotels and hospitals.

By manufacturing and selling products, we are striving to completely accomplish our goals including customer and user satisfaction, environmental preservation and cloth and machinery protection

Kitchen hygiene / Building and Surface Hygiene Fields
Kitchen hygiene / Building and Surface Hygiene Fields

Various kitchen products ranging from the detergent for dish washer to the detergent for kitchenware, wall and floor, have the perfect ability to wash, sterilize and disinfect, and are the most appropriate for the hygiene of current society where the massive meal services are very common. Moreover, our professional A/S team can solve problems quickly and swiftly, with the comprehensive knowledge of dish washers and kitchen systems.

In building and surface hygiene fields, we provide products ranging from brighteners for marble or terrazzo through general waxes, carpet detergents and brass/stainless detergents and brighteners to furniture and bathtub cleaners. We also manufacture and supply tools and machineries related to detergents, package products (detergents, machineries, tools and services) for managing the entire building, automotive detergents and rinses, as well as ball cleaners for billiard balls and bowling balls.

Food and Beverage Fields
Food and Beverage Fields

We provide dedicated detergents for all sorts of tanks and pipelines in beverage factories, and for washing, sterilizing and disinfecting protein stains in milk-product factories and meat-product factories. We also provide products for sterilizing and disinfecting CIP systems and aseptic processes in pharmaceutical plants.

Particularly, Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. takes care of the entire hygiene of many food and beverage factories, by applying our high-tech washing methods and know-how, such as low-pressure washers, to the surface, machineries or equipments which have been extremely contaminated.

Machinery and System Fields
Machinery and System Fields

We supply machineries and systems, such as Scanio Cleaning System, applicable to large-scale meat-product factories, milk-product factories, beer/beverage factories as well as small-scale food companies. By providing many functions such as rinsing, foam rinsing and sterilizing in a single system, we guarantee the reduction of washing time and amount of detergent to be used, as well as the increase of productivity. Moreover, the low-pressure washing method in the Scanio system minimizes the abrasion on the contact area by generating micro foams.

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