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History | President Kim Soo-keon

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The founder and former president Kim Soo-Keon photo

A servant managing assets and properties gained by God

He established the first coal briquette-manufacturing plant in Korea.
'Faithful and patient enterpriser'

The former president, Kim Soo-keon, was a faithful and patient
enterpriser to run an energy business for his lifetime.

He established the first coal briquette-manufacturing corporation
without any foreign loan in 1947. By beginning LPG sale in 1964
and various oil sale in 1968, he expanded his business area and
provided coal briquettes, coals, petroleum, and LPG for local communities.

His operation philosophy was based on the honesty and constant efforts.

He always focused on the following attitude and mind " We got to run a firm with self-restraint and considerate thoughts. Find out what business is good for our firm and operate it step by step." The name of the company, 'Daesung' was named by abbreviating 'Daegimansung'.

After the 1st and 2nd oil shocks in separately 1973 and 1978, he was interested in alternative energy resources and founded Taegu City Gas Corporation in 1983 and, then, improved Daesung Group into a complex energy firm after acquiring Seoul City Gas Co.

Brief history

Brief history
1916.08.28 Born in Taegu
1934.02 Graduated from Taegu Commerce high school
1943.02 Graduated from Japan University
1944.10 Director in Kyoungbook Shinyoung Finance Union
1947.05 Daesung Industrial Co established
1952.03 Chief director in Kyoungbook Coal Union
1959.09 Daesung Briquette Co established
1964.04 President in Propane Gas Association
1965.06 Daesung Coal Mining Area Development established
1968.07 Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd established
1976.06 Daesung Mining Development Co established
1976.07 Changwon Carburetor Industrial Co founded
1979.02 Daesung Sanso Co founded
1982.02 Vice-president in the Korea Association for Rehabilitation of Person with Disabilities
1982.02 Senior committee in the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1983.01 Taegu City Gas Co founded
1983.12 Seoul City Gas Co founded
1985.08 Cambridge Filter Korea Co founded
1985.09 Daesung Celtic Co founded
1987.06 Daesung Automotive Co founded
1987.01 President in the Korea Urban Gas Association
1987.12 Daesung Measuring Co founded
1988.03 Daesung Taco Co founded
1988.05 Daesung Nachi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. established
1989.09 Daesung Henkel Chemical Co., Ltd. established
1992.07 Taegu City Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. established
1993.08 Seoul City Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. established
1995.05 Honored doctor in Business at Yonsei University
1995.03 The member of committee in the Federation of Korean Industries and South-North Korea Economic Cooperation Special Committee
1996.07 Taegu TRS Co founded
1997.07 Korea Cable Television Gyunggi Center Co.,Ltd. established
1997.07 Gyeongbuk City Gas Co., Ltd. established
1998.12 Seoul Energy Co., Ltd. established
2001.02 Passed away in Yonsei Hospital in 20 February at 20:27

Company funeral service conducted at Youngrak church in 24 February and buried in a cemetery park


1967. 04 Received the achievement award for increasing amount of hard coals
1977. 03 Received a prize for industrial packaging
1983. 03 Received the second ranked prize in industrial achievement from government in Korea
1988. 06 Received Ordre National Du Merite from the Government of France
1999. 03 Received the first ranked prize in industrial achievement from government in Korea


The founder, Kim Soo-keon, was born in Taegu on the 25th of September, 1916 as the first son among 3 brothers and a sister. His father was Kim Doo-yun, and mother was Ki Myi-im.

He went to Taegu elementary school in 1923. Upon graduating from Taegu Commerce high school in 1934, he enrolled a university in Japan.

In 1943 he received degree in Law and passed a test for a finance union with the top score. He was selected Director in Kyoungbook Shinyoung Finance Union in 1944 and Director in Youngchun Finance Union in 1945 trying to reduce the usurious loan of farms and raise farmers.

In May 10th 1947, he founded Daesung Industrial Corporation, Korea's fist a briquette manufactory with pure national capital and promoted the mass production of briquette, opened the way of supplying the briquette and forest conservancy and tree-planting campaigns.

In 1952, he took up the Chief director in Kyoungbook Coal Union and affected on the supply of coal in Kyoungbook area. And he also took up the director in the Korea Heat Energy Management Association and in 1959, he acquired the Wangshimli Briquette plant founding Daesung Briquette Co. as the stepping stone for entry into Seoul.

In 1960, he began in earnest Coal Mine Development as he acquired Mungyeong Coal Mine Company and in 1964, he started LPG Gas sales by the agreement with Korea National Oil Corporation. In 1965, he established Daesung Coal Mining Area Development Company.

In April 1967, he received the achievement award for increasing amount of hard coals from Prime Minister and in 1968, he extended the business to the sales of oil by establishing Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd so that he made the firm basis of Korea's first total energy corporation which supplied briquette, coal, oil and LPG gas to the home and industries.

In June 1976, he established Daesung Mining Development Co and developed the underground resources in earnest. And in July, he founded Changwon Carburetor Industrial Co and entered into the auto parts business. In 1977, he received a prize for industrial packaging and in February 1979, he founded Daesung Sanso Co, which produced industrial gas.

In 1983, he founded Taegu City Gas Co for natural gas as a way of replacing the coal and oil through the 1st and 2nd 'Oil Shock', and in December at the same year, he founded Seoul City Gas Co, contributed to maintain pleasant city life as well as convenient cultural life of citizens by supplying clean and safe city gas

In March 1983, he received the second ranked prize in industrial achievement from government in Korea and in August 1985, he founded Cambridge Filter Korea Co. In September, he founded Daesung Celtic Co for the purpose of safe heating and prevention of pollution and produced gas boilers. In June1987, he founded Daesung Automotive Co, and in December, he founded Daesung Measuring Co.

In May 1988, he founded Daesung Nachi Hydraulic Co and in June, he received Ordre National Du Merite from the Government of France for the meritorious service between Korea and France. In June 1989, he established Daesung Henkel Chemical Co., Ltd. producing industrial detergent protecting the environment.

In the late 1980, he positively took part in the overseas resources development for stable supply of domestic energy resources, In the field of Coal, he joint ventured to Australia Draton Coal Mine or so and he got stable supplying network for generating or manufacturing coal through the cooperation with China, Canada, South Africa and Indonesia. In addition to this, he also positively invested to the development of overseas Oil Farm and Gas Farm in Libya, Vietnam, and the U.S.A so that he activated the development of Overseas Oil Farms to rank the energy businesses in Korea.

In May 1995, he was listed to the honored doctor in Business at Yonsei University and in July 1996, he founded Taegu TRS Co for the bridgehead of Information Tele-communication business. In July 1997, he founded Cable Television Gyeonggi Center Co.,Ltd and in July 1997, he established Gyeongbook City Gas Co. In December 1998, he established Seoul Energy Co., running a Heat-absorption Plant to make it sure as the status of a energy focused company and finally, in March 1999, he received the first ranked prize in industrial achievement from government in Korea.

Founder Kim Soo-keon, Honorary President, accelerated all potential abilities to challenge for national industrial development with a rest as the founder of Daesung Corp. with 16 excellent subsidiary companies such as the mother company Daesung Industrial Co., Seoul City Gas Co., Taegu City Gas Co., Daesung Sanso Co and so on from May 1947 to October 2000.
He deceased at the age of 85 with the last statement " Though life is mortal, corporation should be immortal." on February 20th, 2001.

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