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ABOUT DAESUNG, Daesung exists at the center of beautiful world revealed through the 'Energy of Happiness', which leads you to a brighter future and a broader society.

Management Principles & Vision

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Principles of Management

Standing on the front line of progress in science and technology
and on the foundation of harmony and growth of our people,
we promote welfare of our customers, shareholders and
all employees in Daesung through fair and rational
management, and also carry out the social responsibility of
a corporate citizen as a world-class, superior enterprise,
in our devotion to the public good and in our commitment
to professionalism and proper return on investment.

Company Mottos

Service Integrity Enterprise

Management Objective

To provide human with the energy of happiness

Management Policy

Management of Economic Responsibility
1. Developing various profitable businesses
2. Developing products and technologies which satisfy the needs of customers
3. Reinforcing the economic efficiency of corporation
4. Improving the value of corporation for shareholders' interests
Management of Social Responsibility
1. Concentrating abilities for the happiness of community members
2. Encouraging employees to have fine teamwork and to cooperate
3. Winning public trust through the open and aboveboard management
4. Improving the environment by establishing environment-friendly businesses
Management of International Responsibility
1. Corresponding actively to the internationalization of business environment
2. Achieving trust in economic cooperation with foreign countries
3. Developing international and professional human resources

Founded in 1947, we have been doing our part in the development of national industry especially in the energy sector, under the company mottoes of Service / Integrity / Enterprise . Proclaimed on January 1, 1993, the management principles of Daesung reflect the management philosophy and the CEO's determination to be reborn on the ground of science and new technology.

Developing Science and New Technology
These days technological power determines the developmental stage of a nation as well as the competitiveness of a company. Accordingly, only parallel efforts to challenge and accumulate new technology by specialization can make a nation or a country step forward. The plan centered on Energy symbolizes Daesung's commitment to develop science and new technology.
Promoting Harmony Among Employees and Developing Human Resources
Promoting harmony among employees and developing human resources are key management strategies that Daesung has reared for the last half-century. The synergy effects of management coupled with the harmony among its people ensuring self-appreciation and the utmost personal worth, as well as the development of human resources, are the driving forces behind Daesung of today. Daesung will continue to build a corporate culture emphasizing harmony among people and development of human resources.
Practicing Rational Management
Managing a company on the irrational ground will eventually undermine the entire organization. Therefore, we make sure that each of business operations, such as production, sale or other business activities, is executed based on the agreed rules. Daesung's rational management means that we manage our company on the ‘plan-do-see' basis.
Providing Customers, Shareholders and Employees with Welfares
Shareholders and employees are also the customers of our company. Therefore welfares for shareholders and employees can be commonly described as welfares for customers. The first requisite of all production & sale activities in Daesung is CS (Customer Satisfaction) management.
Striving towards a World-Class Enterprise
Many scholars define the characteristics of a world-class enterprise as 'an organization which continually creates new worth.' But the meaning of creating new worth should not be limited to make something out of nothing. Daesung is trying to specialize, enlarge and internationalize businesses by improving the quality in new management ability, technology development, human resource development and enterprise culture, on top of the stable enterprise foundation.
Fulfilling Social Obligations
Today, public messages concerning the social obligations of businesses are spreading. Meeting social obligations requires not only providing high quality products at fair price, but also preventing from antisocial, illegal and environmentally hazardous actions, and thus becoming a company worth the nation's trust. Daesung will continuously fulfill social obligations in the future.


Having led the energy field in Korea for the past half century, Daesung Group has been preparing for the second takeoff after proclaiming the second foundation of company in July 2001.
Our aim is to strengthen competitiveness with knowledge gained from applying the newest technology, through expanding the energy business to various fields such as environment, construction, and cogeneration.
By unfolding ‘technological management' based on the philosophy of developing science and new technologies, Daesung Group promises all customers the company will be managed under the aims to attain welfare for mankind.

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